Upcoming events

Campaign to stop the Silvertown tunnel

XR along with the Transport Action Network, Stop The Silvertown Tunnel Coalition and Speak Out Woolwich published the Stop Digging Report in June calling for the tunnel to be cancelled.

National Level
September Rebellion

From the 31st of August, wearing masks, carrying antibacterial gel and social distancing, XR Greenwich is joining the September Rebellion.

Stop Silvertown – Banshee Performance 31st August

We Want to Live 1st September

If you miss either of these, don’t worry! We’ll be at many of the other events listed here. If you’re coming along and would like to meet some locals, get in touch!

Local Level
Wilding Herbert Road zoom meeting 7:30-9
General Meetings on Zoom, every other Monday 7:30-9.
Climate Breakdown Shakedown on Zoom, every other, other Monday 7:30-9.